We understand that people and groups have different needs. That’s why we will work with you to ensure the right mix of activities and relaxation time is offered.

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We run a diverse range of activities that encourage participants to have fun, socialise and make new friends. If your group enjoys getting active, many of our campsites boast specialised sporting facilities. 

Below are just some of the activities your group can take part in.

Snorkelling and swimming

Experiencing the magic of life under the sea is often a memorable and exciting experience. YMCA offers snorkelling and swimming on some of our camping and interstate trips.


Keen to experience the wonders of surfing? We have experienced instructors that can offer your group as much support as they need to enjoy the waves and have fun in the water.

Walking tours

Does your group prefer to explore nature on foot? We can provide maps for self-guided tours around a number of beaches, towns and mountains. If you’d prefer to have someone show your group around, our support leaders can help you out. We also include information on accessibility for people with different mobility needs.

Paddle boarding and canoeing

New to many participants, stand up paddle boarding is a popular activity which involves using an oar to guide a board away from the bank before using balance skills to stand up and paddle along the water. Great for personal achievement, it gives groups a chance to see others succeed and celebrate success. For those who prefer to sit down, canoeing is another great option.


When the weather is cold enough, the snow covers the gorgeous mountains around Falls Creek and its surrounds. Our YMCA at Howman’s Gap provides groups with the opportunity to try cross-country skiing or hiking. This option is perfect for people who have never seen the snow and are looking to take in the wonders of the great outdoors.


Archery is one of the most popular activities at our camps. Led by a group instructor, individuals are required to use their skills to hit a target with a high quality entry-level bow. This is a great group activity that encourages social interaction.

Creating and appreciating art

Whether it be visiting a gallery, having a personalised tour or creating an artwork to remember your trip by, YMCA Escapes can cater to the inner artist in us all!

Shopping, photography and enjoying the sites

Wherever you go with YMCA Escapes, we ensure you have time to see what is on offer around you. This could mean anything from tasting the local produce, buying a holiday memento, watching dolphins frolic in the sea or taking photos of local attractions.


Can’t see the activity you’re after? Email us or phone (03) 8397 3111 for more options.