YMCA Escapes

Welcome to YMCA Escapes - We're different. We're social.

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Do you love travel? We specialise in inclusive, supported holidays available to everyone in our community, including people with a disability. We acknowledge each person who travels with us is an individual with their own needs. We work with you to address your support needs and deliver a unique and memorable holiday.  

Become happier, healthier and more socially connected with YMCA Escapes. 

Did you know that many organisations and tour group providers do not have accessible or inclusive options for travelles with social, physical or other support reqirements?

Rather than exclude people in our community from accessing travelling options, we want to open up the world to them.

We have created a program that fosters friendships from all sectors of the community and offer experiences that do not segregate people based on their abilities, language spoken or social or cultural differences. 

The YMCA Escapes Team (staff and volunteers) are trained, qualified, supportive and most of all have a great sense of fun! The team will organise the entire tour or camp for you - from pre-departure packs, face to face meetings prior to tour,  to all administration and bookings. This personalised approach will ensure that you will feel comfortable that all your needs will be met and you can just relax and have a wonderful time. 

Find out more about the upcoming YMCA Escapes we have planned or to download our YMCA Escapes Brochure to plan your next adventure.