Camp Manyung

Looking for something a bit different?

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Launching on October 2nd, this new monthly program for seniors will run a new outdoor activities every month until  April 2017.

What better way to awaken a sense of adventure by paddling a kayak, learning a new skill like archery or taking a walk in the beautiful area? 

Now you can be active in a new activity, followed by a cuppa and a chat with people from our community. 

At only $12 per activity, adventure has never been so affordable. 

Bookings can be made through Eventbrite or call Camp Manyung direclty on 03 9788 1100

Afternoon tea will be provided after the activity to discuss the day’s adventures.


Want to know more? 

YMCA Camp Manyung manager Maree Feutrill says The Outdoor Adventure Program is all about improving the health and wellbeing of seniors in the community:

 “We’re excited to be launching a program that can make a difference in our community’s health and can bring people together. Research shows that as people get older, their participation in sports and recreation declines and for people aged 65, there’s a huge decline.

This lack of activity can lead to serious health problems and a sense of disconnection from their community."

For Margaret Begley, aged 76, The Outdoor Adventure Program will provide her with an opportunity to connect with others and try something new:

“A lot of people my age are involved in different clubs like Probus and book clubs, but this program is different as you can’t get these activities anywhere else, like archery. I’m quite excited to have a go and challenge myself.

We sit around too much, we need to get out and about and meet new people and get fresh air. Even if it’s just walking, looking at the bird and enjoying have a cup of tea with others.

It’s also a very peaceful and lovely environment at Camp Manyung which many people don’t even know is there.”