School Camps

Every year over 635 schools visit one (or more) of our seven beautiful campsites, each developing their own unique experience for their students.

school camps

As an experienced provider of school camping programs, we understand the role of camp in providing students with opportunities for personal growth, building the community spirit of the student cohort and immersing students in the natural world.

It is our goal to provide students with a tailored, specialised experience that is strategically shaped by our comprehensive learning framework. We pride ourselves on offering outcomes-based programming that is suitable for schools of all sizes and abilities.

We like to make things easy for you too.

When your school goes on camp with the Y, we strive to make sure the planning and execution are as stress-free as possible. Our friendly and qualified camp leaders will work with your group to develop our program, offer organisational and logistical support and guide your school group through the camp experience.

Read on to find out about how we can tailor a program to suit the unique requirements of your school group.  

School program

Our programs and activities strongly promote the importance of nature play and adventure.


Sequential program

With seven unique sites across Victoria, each camp provides a progressive learning opportunity with a variety of natural environments and adventure activities.


How To Prepare

Preparation is the key to success, and it’s no different when it comes to organising a fantastic camping experience for your school group.