School Program

Young people are naturally drawn to the great outdoors to enjoy nature's playground. Not only does spending time outside encourage good health, it also teaches young people how to unplug and enjoy ‘fun stuff’ like running, swinging, jumping and taking in fresh air and sunshine.camping full scene PNG

Our programs and activities strongly promote the importance of nature play and adventure.

Across our seven unique campsites, students are free to explore and discover a new sense of themselves, and a new connection to others and nature.

Designed on a comprehensive educational learning framework, we tailor programs to meet the needs and objectives of your school - whether it be for a single year level or the entire school’s camping needs.

Each campsite has a wide range of adventure-based opportunities on offer including specialised activities only instructed by qualified YMCA Camp leaders and a range of non-specialised camp activities that can be led by teachers. 

The cost of your camp program is dependent on the number of specialised activities you choose to be instructed by YMCA camp leaders. 

Read on to find out how we can offer your students a progressive learning opportunity.