YMCA School Holiday Camps

YMCA offers a variety of fun-packed school holiday camps that regularly receive amazing feedback from parents and young people alike.

school holiday camps

While on camp, participants are given the opportunity to experience the beauty of our unique campsites, enjoy the infectious positivity of our experienced and enthusiastic staff members, and make new friends and memories.

Camping Adventures

Camping Adventures is a five day fun-filled camping adventure during the school holidays for all young people - including people with a disability - aged between eight and sixteen years old. 

YMCA Connect Camp

YMCA Connect is a five-day recreational camp for young people aged nine to sixteen who are considered vulnerable, disadvantaged or at risk and are generally living in care or supported accommodation. The camp is run every school holidays and includes fun and interesting activities as well as personal challenges to provide participants with a sense of achievement and success.

YMCA Launchpad

YMCA Launchpad inspires young people between the ages of 16 to 25 to explore their passion, develop their skills and learn about the power of social enterprise. Led by a team of young people, Launchpad teaches participants what social enterprise is all about and how to turn their dreams into a reality. 


Pronounced 'you-know-why', UNO-Y is an annual six-day leadership program for young people from across Victoria. UNO-Y provides mentoring and guidance to build leadership skills and grow confidence of potential social leaders, empowering them to make change in their communities.