Anglesea Recreation Camp offers an array of camp activities to suit any group. Utilising the unique environs of the local area, all our activities are led by trained and experienced leaders in a safe and supportive environment. 

Anglesea activities

Whether your group is just starting out, eager camping enthusiasts or just looking for a lively team challenge, we’ve got you covered! 

All our activities and programs are universal, allowing people of all ages and abilities to participate equally in the camp experience. This universality is achieved by the provision of multiple program design options, varied and specialised equipment, and flexible staff facilitation styles.

The camp activities below are just a taste of the type of fun your group can have at Anglesea.

Are you ready to explore and learn about the natural surrounds of Anglesea? Contact us today to book your next camp!


Challenge Activities

Our challenge activities offer fun and rewarding experiences suitable for all ages and abilities.


Water based activities at Anglesea Recreation Camp

Our unique location provides plenty of water-based options. With the beach nearby as well as the river and estuary, groups can enjoy a range of water-based adventure activities all year round.


Group Led Activities at Anglesea Recreation Camp

Our large group activities help participants establish a strong community camp spirit by encouraging cooperation, communication and collaboration.


Night Activities at Anglesea Recreation Camp

Bring your evening camp program to life with an array of activities to experience under the stars or in the comfort of our indoor facilities.


Environmental activities at Anglesea Recreation Camp

Anglesea is a region of national significance and high biodiversity value. Minimal impact philosophy is integrated into everything we do. There is plenty to learn and experience in our four unique offsite environments. With the bush, beach, river and estuary at your doorstep, there are lots of adventures for everyone.