Challenge Activities

Anglesea Recreation Camp has reopened bookings in line with the easing of COVID restrictions in Victoria.

School and community groups can attend camps in Term 4 2020 under current government guidelines.

Visit our COVID-19 Updates page for further details on booking requirements and COVID safety measures.

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Our challenge activities offer fun and rewarding experiences suitable for all ages and abilities.

Anglesea challenge activity (2)

The Giant Swing

The Giant Swing is exactly what it sounds like and it is exactly as much fun as it sounds!

Participants are fitted with a full-body harness, and then attached to the swing. The swinger is then hauled up by their team, rising to a giddy 18-metres in the air or to a height of their choice. When ready, participants release themselves using a special trigger mechanism and…WHHEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Instant awesome.

The Pod

Similar to the Giant Swing, participants are elevated in a special pod harness before being released for a ‘superman-like’ experience.

High ropes

Participants move through a series of climbing elements on two levels. These vary in difficulty, from easy through to challenging. To ensure that they are safe at all times participants are fitted with harnesses and helmets and are belayed. Our high ropes activity fosters both personal and team development. 

**Participants must be year seven or above.

Low ropes

This activity offers balance challenges for all abilities and ages, with a low-to-the-ground ropes course that tests participants’ ability to stay on each station as they move around the course. Some obstacles are simple, while others have you dodging hanging plastic buoys in an attempt to get from one side of the obstacle to the other.

Indoor climbing wall/bouldering room

Climbing combines mental, technical and physical aspects in a way few sports do.

Hosted on a purpose-built climbing wall inside the gym, the wall is five-metres high with three faces providing challenges to suit all skill levels.

Instructors guide participants on how to use ropes and harnesses and master the basic skills, from belaying to movement and technique. There is also an additional bouldering room activity that is lower to the ground and does not require belaying. The bouldering room is a great place to start learning climbing techniques.

Vertical challenge

Our vertical challenge activity tests the physical and mental strength of climbers. This is a challenge-by-choice activity where participants set themselves a goal to get from the ground to the top of the 18-metre high obstacle. This is an activity that sees participants drawing upon the support of the group who encourage and belay from below.

Crate climb

Crate climb involves two climbers attached to safety ropes by rear-mounted harnesses and protected by two belayers (instructors). The climber uses milk crates, stacking them on top of each other one at a time to a maximum height of 12 crates. This activity teaches participants the value of teamwork through trust and communication.

Leap of faith

Sometimes we all need to take a leap of faith! This challenge requires participants to climb to a platform 8-metres off the ground and leap into the air and try and touch a buoy in front of them.

Adventure race

A whole group activity where teams of 10 -14 participants complete various tasks which focus on teamwork, personal challenges, communication and decision-making. It’s a race to the finish!


This activity might sounds futuristic, but essentially geocaching is like a cross between a treasure hunt and orienteering! The difference is that participants use simple electronic GPS devices to find items in hidden ‘caches’, which are spread throughout the camp.

Geocaching is an excellent way to explore the natural environment and expose participants to the processes of decision-making, problem solving and communication.


Skateboarding might not seem a natural fit for an adventure camp, but we want to encourage individuals to find adventure wherever they can. We begin right at the start, with individuals being taught the basics of skating from getting comfortable standing on the board through to learning how to roll in on our ‘fun box’.

Kitchen garden

Spend time in the kitchen and find out how to make pizza and other delicious dishes using fresh ingredients grown in our vegetable garden.

Mountain biking mini

Mountain biking mini is an off-road cycling activity run on-site that gives individuals an introduction to mountain biking. It is a short course that’s suited to younger individuals and/or those less experienced in riding a bike with gears or on uneven surfaces. We welcome the opportunity for anyone who can’t ride a bike to take part.

Mountain biking maxi

Mountain biking maxi is a longer ride than the mini, encompassing trails both on and off site, and focusing on intermediate and above mountain-biking skill levels. There are a number of natural landscape challenges to take on over the course, including some hills, with the ride progressing in difficulty as riders build confidence with their off-road riding skills.


Get your Robin Hood on! Equal part skill and thrill, archery is a challenging sport that tests participants’ strength, skill and technique. Using re-curve bows, individuals shoot ‘Olympic style’ bull’s eye targets and develop technique under the watchful eye of our instructors. Individuals will also learn the different parts of the bow and arrow and will be shown the correct procedures and techniques for loading and releasing.

Bush cooking

It is a well-known fact that food always tastes better in the bush! Bush cooking takes place at our site campfire. Once individuals have a handle on safety, they are shown how to make damper and – if they’re lucky – how to turn the damper into a bit of bush pizza to give it some extra pizzazz. For older participants, instructors will teach them best way to make a bush peppermint billy tea. YUM.

Inverlochy challenge (primary school children)

Participants will travel back in time and hear the story of the Inverlochy - a cargo ship that ran aground on a reef off Anglesea and found its occupants having to find their way to shore. Participants are put into ‘family groups’ who survived the wreck and are given maps and task sheets. Teams must collect objects lost at sea and complete challenges against the clock.

Overnight hike

Lace up those hiking boots! Get into the outdoor camping spirit by experiencing the joy of sleeping in a tent under the stars in a safe environment. This activity can either be just for the afternoon or be extended to a 4 to 5km hike and overnight stay in Eumeralla. We’ll provide the tents and sleeping mats.


This activity requires participants to complete a variety of problem-solving tasks and lateral thinking initiative style challenges.