Dinning & Catering

Eating well at camp is very important to ensure campers’ bodies are full of energy to meet the demands of an active day. At Anglesea Recreation Camp, our meal times provide an important opportunity for everyone to come together and eat a rainbow of foods in the comfort of our 150-seat dining room.

Anglesea dining and catering 3

Our experienced chefs are onsite and armed with the freshest ingredients, and are ready to cook nutritious, healthy and delicious meals for you to enjoy.

Expect lots of healthy dishes full of goodness and flavour. Our experienced Korean chef loves to add an Asian twist to our menu. 

Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are provided everyday. Coffee, tea, and fruit are also available at all times.

Packed lunches to take away can be arranged for those who plan to head out and explore during the day. If you’re celebrating a birthday, we can also provide a delicious birthday cake.

We take great care in tailoring our meals to cater for most special dietary requirements, including cultural catering needs and complex food allergies.  

All our meals conform to Nutrition Australia’s standards.

Ready to taste the rainbow in Anglesea? Contact us today to book your next camp. 

PLEASE NOTE:  We are unable to offer Self-Catering options.