Howmans Gap Alpine Centre offers a myriad of fun, inclusive and enriching camp activities led by trained and experienced leaders in a safe and supportive environment. 

Howmans challenge activities

Whether your group is just starting out, eager skiing enthusiasts or just looking for a lively team challenge, we’ve got you covered! A comprehensive Learning Framework guides our programming, and encourages participants to experience personal growth, appreciate their natural surroundings and connect with the community.  

Our qualified program instructors use our framework to identify your desired learning outcomes and work with you to tailor a camp experience that matches your requirements.

Activities at Howmans Gap also take advantage of the spectacular alpine environment, local attractions and the natural spaces around the site.

Click on a section below to explore some of the program options available with Howmans Gap Alpine Centre or contact us today for more information about activities at Howmans Gap Alpine Centre.

Night/offsite activities

We provide a range of resources to entertain groups long after the sun has gone down. Groups are welcome to spend time indoors, engage in more energetic ‘whole of group’ sessions or have fun outside.

Howmans Gap Challenge activities

We offer a choice of facilitated activities in and around the camp that support the learning ambitions of your group. Our challenge activities provide a range of experiences for groups and can be adjusted to support prescribed learning outcomes. These outcomes can form part of a larger learning journey for participants either back at school or in the more usual environment for your group.


Howmans Gap Winter Activities

Being above the snowline and only 4km from Falls Creek, winter activities are what Howmans Gap is all about. Downhill or cross-country skiing and boarding are just a snowball throw away! We can also help you with snowshoes, snow camping or snow play - there is a winter adventure for everyone.


Howmans Gap Group Led Activities

We offer a range of safe and fun activities suitable for teachers and leaders to run. These can be used in conjunction with YMCA-facilitated programming or as part of an alternate program developed by groups staying on-site.