Group Led Activities

Howmans Gap provides activities that groups can lead safely and that complement the YMCA-facilitated adventure programming.

Howmans group led activity


This teamwork-based activity teaches participants how to read and orient maps while developing their compass skills. Based around the whole campsite, teachers/leaders have a choice between several courses depending on the age and skill of participants.

Frisbee golf

An ultra-fun activity where golf is played with a frisbee instead of a golf club.

Initiative activities

Teachers or group leaders can lead these activities that focus on group dynamics and communication.

Campfire cooking

Participants gather around the campfire and learn all about cooking safely in the bush. It is likely you will learn lots about delicious damper, tasty toasted marshmallows and beautifully brewed bush tea.

Craft activities

These activities encourage participants to get a little creative and have fun! We offer bandanna making, bush collage, t-shirt design, and painting. 

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