Dining and Catering

We know how important good food is to hungry adventurers. At Howmans Gap Alpine Centre, our meal times provide an important opportunity for participants to come together and relax in the comfort of our 170-seat dining room.

Howmans catering and dining

Our experienced chefs are onsite and armed with the freshest of local ingredients to produce healthy and delicious meals. Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are provided everyday. Coffee, tea, cordial and fruit are also available at all times.

In winter, our menu options and choices adjust to the chilly mountain environment. We provide a comforting three-course dinner with a variety of meal choices. Packed lunches to ‘take away’ can be arranged for those who plan to head out and explore during the day. This allows for guests to spend the entire day at the snow without missing too many ‘turns of the tows,’ or ‘schusses of the langlauf.’ 

We pride ourselves in ensuring all meals offer the very best in quality, quantity and nutritional value. Our experienced chefs are only too pleased to cater for those with particular dietary needs, especially where adequate notice is given.

When booking at Howmans, you will be provided with a catering form that invites you to detail group numbers as well as specific dietary requirements.

All our meals conform to Nutrition Australia’s standards.

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