Falls Creek Cross Country

Blanketed in white snow, with a picture perfect view of the Bogong High Plains, the Falls Creek Cross Country Centre located at Windy Corner carpark is an ideal undercover meeting spot for families or groups with ample parking. Have lunch on one of the many sheltered picnic tables, grab a coffee from the Windy Corner Café, and take in the magical view.

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The extensive cross-country trail system offers a wealth of skiing opportunity for all levels. 

Those learning skiing can enjoy the friendly trail conditions at the ‘nordic-bowl,’ whilst trails further afield offer great views, tight downhill and uphill tracks, expansive trails in the High Plains and access to several Mountain Cattleman Huts.

Falls Creek Cross Country is open from 8.30am to 5pm daily.

Falls Creek Cross Country is provided with daily trail grooming and track reports. The friendly staff  can also offer skiers advice on the best trails for your individual needs and level of experience.  To learn more, please visit Daily Trail Grooming Report..

The Falls Creek Cross Country offers:

  • Toboggan and snow shoe hire. Learn more

  • Ski lessons for beginners, groups and day tours. Learn more

  • The very best of advice and tips for cross-country skiing.

  • Cross-country ski gear hire. Learn more

  • Ski waxing and repairs. 

Windy Corner Café

Serving hot food daily, 8.30am to 4.00pm. The Windy Corner Café’s quick service and location makes it an easy to ski-in and ski-out takeaway option on the slopes.

  • Great coffee and atmosphere

  • Snacks, muffins and fruit

  • Pies, sandwiches, soup and dim sims

  • Hot food – daily stews and curries with rice

Those wishing to push their skills to the next level can also choose from ski school options including:

  • Private ski lessons

  • National team coaching  (by prior arrangement)

  • Specialist clinics

 For more details on ski hire and ski school packages please visit the Ski School and Hire page.

Free trial

  • 1 hour FREE Cross Country ski rental - from 11am to 3pm.  $5 fitting fee after 1pm.


  • Gloves, sunglasses, XC wax and basic XC ski gear

  • Next day delivery from Snow, Trek & Travel on a wide range of XC gear

  • Ski waxing and repairs

  • End of season demo ski sale

 Want to know more? Please contact us at Falls Creek Cross Country, 03 5758 3408 or email us at fallscreekXC@ymca.org.au

There’s many different types of cross country skiing available that it can be confusing knowing where to start. Below are the types available and we promise there’s something for all ages and abilities. 

Ski Trail Touring

Falls Creek has 45km of groomed tracks perfect for ski trailing. Ski trailing is like walking on the snow with light-weight boots, making it easy to glide and slide along the flats. Walking up hills is aided by the ski’s patterned base.


Perfect for beginners, skating is similar to ice-skating but with fast narrow skis and really light boots. Skating is very popular snow activity as it’s a quick way to get around the snow-covered countryside and plenty of fun too! Most people can learnt to skate after only a few lessons.

Backcountry Touring

For those who want to go off the beaten track and discover the beautifully isolated areas of the high country, backcountry touring is for you! It’s like bushwalking but on skis. It usually involves following snow poles and in good weather you can explore to find amazing hidden gullies and breath-taking look outs. Backcountry Turns involves skiing downhill where there are no marked ski-runs, often this is called “off-piste.”


If you’re looking do something different, you may be interested in telemarking. It’s a special type of turn sometimes called “free heel” and can be done on the ski runs or off-piste.