Group Led Activities

Lady Northcote Recreation Camp conducts safe leadership activities to bring out leadership qualities in the individual or the group.

Lady Northcote group activity


This activity teaches participants how to catch yabbies with meat, string and nets. Using the catch and release principal, there are plenty of yabbies to be caught and we provide the lines, bait and hand nets.

Campfire cooking

Is there anything better than cooking up a storm around a campfire? This activity teaches participants how to safely light a fire, cook up some fresh damper and brew some delicious bush tea.

Tree planting

This socially responsible activity helps participants to connect with the natural environment and learn about plants that are indigenous to the local area.


Take a walk and explore the surrounding camp areas including the history of the camp along our heritage trail.

Hut building

Participants break into small teams and work together to build a shelter out of sticks, branches and leaves. The structure must be waterproof and fit the whole team inside. Participants are encouraged to get creative when it comes to items, design and furniture.


This fun activity teaches participants how to read and orient maps, how to use a compass and why working together as a team is so important. Based around the whole campsite, leaders have a choice between several courses depending on the age and skill of participants.

Initiative / group dynamics

We offer a variety of activities and challenges that focus on group dynamics, problem solving, trust, leadership, planning and teamwork.