Night Activities

Just because the sun has gone down, doesn’t mean the activities stop. With nocturnal wildlife out in abundance, and people still ready to have fun, Lady Northcote has more activities on offer.

Lady Northcote night time activities

Reflector trail

By day you may not see them, but by night reflectors light up, and participants can use them as a guide to explore the camp by torchlight.

Possum prowl

Participants embark on a fascinating night journey around the camp and discover a range of cool nocturnal animals (like possums!)


Lady Northcote concerts are a time of fun, laughter and friendship. Traditionally held on the last night of camp, participants perform skits, tell jokes, sing songs and discover the hidden talents of their friends!


Is there anything more magical than watching the glow of a campfire while toasting delicious marshmallows and sharing ghost stories? This fun and popular activity is what camping is all about! 


A camp disco is something that group leaders can run and is a WHOLE lot of fun for everyone involved! BYO tunes and music plugs.