Challenge Activities

Challenge your group with a range of adventure-based activities to leave each person with a greater sense of achievement.

dewar challenge activity mud

Dual flying fox

Our dual flying fox at Lake Dewar is a truly spectacular experience. It helps participants develop confidence and self-awareness. Fully harnessed and helmeted, participants travel 250 metres along our gorge overlooking the majestic Gorrong Rocks.

Leadership tunnelling system

The Lake Dewar tunnelling system is the first activity of its type in Victoria. Concrete pipes join four themed shipping containers together and participants are faced with the challenge of ‘escaping the tunnels.’ This activity focuses on teamwork and problem solving as participants are faced with a variety of challenges while inside the containers.

Mountain biking

Love bikes? Lake Dewar has over 8km of purpose-built biking trails on the property for participants to explore. Sessions can easily be customised and are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Kick biking 

What’s a kick bike you ask? A kick bike is a scooter-bicycle hybrid from Finland that has a bicycle front wheel and a much smaller rear wheel. As the participant is practically standing, it is much easier for them to keep balanced. This fun activity can be a 90-minute lesson or a guided journey on our Lake trail (or both). It can also be customised to any group or skill level.


Geo-caching is real-world orienteering game with a difference! Participants use electronic GPS devices to navigate around the camp and find items in hidden ‘caches.’ Guaranteed fun!

Lake Dewar Amazing Race

Participants navigate to different checkpoints around the campgrounds and complete challenges along the way. Races can be customised to your groups’ needs and can run from two hours to two days (with breaks) depending on the level of challenge required. This activity is great for teamwork, problem solving and communication.

Low Ropes Initiative challenge

This challenge requires participants to use their initiative and teamwork skills to accomplish three purpose-built low ropes challenges across the camp.


Get your Robin Hood on! Our fun archery activity gives both novice and experienced archers the opportunity to use quality bows and take aim at bulls‐eye targets. This activity helps participants develop their technique and exercise patience in a safe environment. Bullseye!

Mountain bike kao

Mountain bike kao is what happens when mountain biking meets orienteering. This team activity requires participants to work together and navigate their way around the campsite. 

Survivor challenge

This activity encourages participants to create the three basic needs – food, shelter and warmth with minimal supplies.