Group Led Activities

Lake Dewar offers activities designed for your group to lead safely, providing the opportunity to bring out leadership.

Dewar camp fire

Campfire cooking

Participants gather around the campfire and learn all about cooking safely in the bush. On the menu? Delicious damper, tasty toasted marshmallows and beautifully brewed bush tea.


Participants take a 1.5km walk around Lake Dewar or explore the 5km Aurura Trail which covers some beautiful aspects of the property. These trails are great for jogging, walking and mountain biking.

Hut building

Participants break into small teams and work together to build a shelter out of sticks, branches and leaves. The structure must fit the whole team inside and participants are encouraged to get creative when it comes to design freatures and furniture.


This teamwork-based activity teaches participants how to read and orient maps whilst developing their compass skills. Based around the whole campsite, teachers/leaders have a choice between several courses depending on the age and skill of participants.

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