Water Based Activities

With the serene Lake Dewar at our disposal, there are plenty of opportunities to keep participants of all ages engaged, entertained and (most importantly) cool.

Dewar water based activities

Stand-up paddle boarding

Also known as “supping,” stand-up paddle boarding is the perfect way to experience the water. This activity enhances participants’ balancing skills as they travel down the lake standing.

Gorrong Rocks gorge trek

One of the greatest assets to the Lake Dewar camp is the Gorrong Rocks gorge. In this activity participants are guided down the gorge and onto the Werribee River where they have the chance to scramble over rocks and paddle a short section of the river.

Jetty Jump

This awesome activity requires participants to jump into the lake from a safe and supervised platform. Usually paired with kayaking, the jetty jump is as fun at it sounds!


Canoeing is a big part of our heritage and one of our most popular camping activities. Suitable for all ages, participants learn basic paddling techniques on our beautiful lake.

Raft building

Ever wanted to build a raft? This activity requires participants to construct a raft using an array of materials provided. This challenging activity tests teamwork and communication skills.


Participants can learn all about kayaking with a number of fun and interactive games on the lake. 


Keen to discover the joys of fishing? Well, good news – this activity lets participants learn all about fishing and gives them the opportunity to catch something in our trout-filled lake!


Nothing beats a spot of yabbying! As our lake is filled with them, participants are taught how to use nets to catch (and release) them. Great fun!