Challenge Activities

We offer a mix of adventure-based activities designed to encourage participants to develop interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills.

Manyung challenge activities

Universal Tree Rolling Course

This unique adventure activity is the first-of-its-kind in Australia and something not to be missed!

Participants of all ages and abilities can journey through the treetops on a scooter, skateboard or cloud-rider chair and experience a series of adventure high ropes elements.

Tree Top High Ropes Challenge Course

Participants adventure through the treetops and complete a series of eight high ropes elements and zip lines. An independent belay system helps those participating finish the course solo or in pairs.

This activity is suitable for anyone aged 11 and above.  

The Giant Swing

Adrenaline and teamwork combine on our giant swing. This thrilling activity sees participants winched upward by fellow teammates to a height of their choice above our sports field. Once ready to swing, they pull the cord and the real fun begins!

A specialised universal harness is available to enable everyone to join in on the fun.

Universal Bike Education Program

Based on the VicRoads bike education program, participants learn bike handling skills and journey around the camp bushland on a mountain bike track.

Our fleet of bikes have a range of seven different adaptive cycles, enabling people of all abilities to participate equally in the program.

Kitchen Garden Program

Participants will learn about the cycle of food production and recycling systems. This activity involves active participation in garden-related activities including turning compost, planting herbs, and collecting eggs from the camp chickens.

During the activity, everyone will make a pizza in our outdoor wood fire oven using produce harvested from the garden.

Leadership Challenge

Participants undertake a series of unique camp challenges that require participants to work together as a team and solve problems.

Crate Climb

Securely harnessed and wearing a safety helmet, participants are belayed by their teammates as they build a tower of milk crates.

Low Ropes

This teamwork-fostering activity gives participants the opportunity to venture through 19 low rope elements in the trees. 

Flying Fox

Our flying fox activity challenges participants to bravely step off a platform and soar 120 metres through the tea trees, looking out towards Port Phillip Bay.

Belayed Tree Climbing

Full harnessed, participants climb a tree while being belayed by a YMCA staff member.

This activity is ideal for those aged 8 - 10.


Bullseye! It’s time to get your Robin Hood on. Our fun archery activity gives both novice and experienced archers the opportunity to use bows to take aim at bulls‐eye targets. This activity helps participants develop their archery technique and exercise patience in a safe environment. 

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