Group Led Activities

We offer a variety of non-specialised recreation activities suitable for teachers or group leaders to run independently.

Manyung poly pong


This highly energetic Israeli game is a variant of dodgeball and is played in a sandy pit. Regularly voted as one of our best camping activities, ga-ga encourages participants to get active and have fun!

Poly Pong

A new game from the USA, Poly Pong involves participants to play four- square table tennis. This activity is energetic, fun and required lots of teamwork.

Initiative and team building activities 

Our fun initiative-based activities help participants develop their problem-solving, communication and teamwork skills.

Kite making and flying

Go fly a kite! This activity lets participants make their own kite and test it above the camp or beach. Kites can be taken home as a camp memento.

Ultra-High Frequency radio games

In teams of three, participants solve puzzles using UHF radios. Communication is key to this activity.


Geo-caching is a real-world orienteering game with a difference! Participants use electronic GPS devices to navigate around the camp and find items in hidden ‘caches.’ Guaranteed fun!


This teamwork-based activity teaches participants how to read and orient maps whilst developing their compass skills. Based around the whole campsite, teachers/leaders have a choice between several courses depending on the age and skill of participants.

Rock pool ramble

Participants are invited to explore and discover sea creatures like starfish, crabs and anemones in the local rock pools.

Sand sculpture

Watch art come to life in the sand. In this activity, participants create sculptures and decorate them with items found on the beach.

Craft activities

These activities encourage participants to get a little creative and have fun! We offer bandanna making, bush collage, t-shirt design, and painting. 

Campfire cooking

Participants gather around the campfire and learn all about cooking safely in the bush. On the menu? Delicious damper, tasty toasted marshmallows and beautifully brewed bush tea. YUM!

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