Night Activities

Bring your evening camp program to life with a range of activities to experience under the stars or in the comfort of the recreation room.

Manyung camp fire

Camp disco

From vibrant party lights to great tunes, a camp disco is something that group leaders can run and is a whole lot of fun for everyone involved! All you need to do is speak to us about what music plugs you need to bring for our speaker system.

Trivia night

Possess a freaky accurate knowledge of the Simpsons? Or know how many medals Australia won in the last Olympics? Groups are welcome to organise their own trivia night and let everyone’s weird and wacky knowledge shine!


Camp Manyung concerts are a barrel of fun! Traditionally held on the last night of camp, participants are encouraged to perform skits, tell jokes, sing songs and discover the hidden talents of their friends! 

Night walk

Experience the Camp Manyung environment in a whole new light with our 30-minute night walk. Armed with a map and torches, groups will go on a short adventure through the bushland around to the camp. Fingers crossed for a ringtail possum spotting!

Film night

Lights, camera, action! Get the popcorn ready because there is nothing more relaxing than a movie night. Your group can borrow DVDs from out library or bring your own for a fun night in.


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