Aquatic Activities

With Port Philip Bay right on our doorstep, we offer a wide-range of fun, water-based activities designed to keep campers of all ages and abilities engaged, entertained and, most importantly, cool from September through April.

Manyung aquatic

Bay discovery

The Camp Manyung boat is used over the warmer months to take participants out into Port Phillip Bay.

Our qualified coxswain teaches participants about the area and its environment, including boat safety, water quality, tidal movement and marine life.

Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking is a unique camp experience and a great way to enjoy the beauty of Port Phillip Bay. Sea kayaks are used to teach participants the basic skills of paddling.

Dolphin spotting is known to happen during this activity!

Open Water Learning Program

Our staff are trained to facilitate Life Saving Victoria’s Open Water Learning Program. This program is designed to teach participants how to be safe in open water environments.

All participants receive a certificate of completion at the conclusion of camp.

Raft building

In groups, participants try their luck at building a raft that floats using barrels, ropes and wood.

This activity tests teamwork and communication.


Discover the magic of the underwater world by snorkelling at the shallow reefs off Sunnyside Beach.


Learn about our large group activities.