Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp inspires an energy and experience that will ensure that every participant goes home with amazing memories and new skills.  

All of our activities are undertaken in a safe and supportive environment by trained and experienced leaders.

Mt Evelyn activities

Whether your group is looking to swing through trees, learn to ride a bike or undertake a teamwork challenge we've got you covered.

 A comprehensive Learning Framework guides our programming, and encourages participants to experience personal growth, appreciate their natural surroundings and connect with the community.

 Our qualified program instructors use the framework to identify your group’s desired learning outcomes and work with you to tailor a camp experience that matches your requirements.

The camp activities below are just a taste of the type of fun your group can have at Mt Evelyn.

Want to meet the local natives or swing in the tree tops? Contact us today to book your next camp! 

Challenge Activities at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp

We offer a mix of adventure-based challenge activities designed to encourage participants to develop interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills.


Environmental Activities at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp

Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp is a wildlife experience! Participants are able to take part in a variety of environmental activities while on camp.


Group Led Activities at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp

We offer a variety of non-specialised recreational activities suitable for teachers or group leaders to run independently.


Night activities at Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp

Not only for the day, Mt Evelyn brings life to your night camping experience with activities conducted when the sun goes down.