Environmental Activities

Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp is a wild life experience! Participants are able to take part in a variety of environmental activities while on camp.

Mt Evelyn frog

Wildlife Encounter

Mt Evelyn Recreation Camp is lucky to have its own wildlife room displaying a range of real and taxidermy animals. This activity is perfect for those wanting to learn about behaviours, habitats and dangerous animals.

Venomous Creatures

It sounds scary, but our venomous creatures session helps to dispel the myths around spiders, snakes and other venomous creatures. In this activity, participants find out how to be safe in the bush and learn simple first aid techniques to use if bitten or stung.

Water Ecology

Participants learn about natural water sources and how we can work together to respect our water systems.

Nature Collage (crafts)

Participants use natural resources to create works of art to take home.


Participants learn about native plants and their importance within Mt Evelyn’s ecosystem.

Nature Walk

Participants walk along our interpretive trail and discover the secrets of the Dandenong Ranges.

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