Night Activities

Mt Evelyn can bring life to your night camping experience with activities conducted when the sun goes down.

Mt Evelyn night activities


Participants are captivated by hearing traditional dreamtime tales from the from a local Wurundjeri storyteller.


Mt Evelyn concerts are a time of fun, laughter and friendship. Traditionally held on the last night of camp, participants perform skits, tell jokes, sing songs and discover the hidden talents of their friends! 

Possum Prowl

Participants embark on a fascinating night journey around the camp and discover a range of cool nocturnal animal (like possums!)


With sing-a-longs, toasted marshmallows and scary stories, our campfire activity is a memorable experience.


From vibrant party lights to great tunes, a camp disco is something that group leaders can run and is a WHOLE lot of fun for everyone involved! All you need to do is speak to us about what music plugs you need to bring for our speaker system.

Bush Dance

Participants learn steps and dance the night away to some favourite bush songs with David Skinner.

Please note: Some programs incur an additional cost due to external facilitators.