Activities On Land

Phillip Island Coastal Discovery Camp offers a range of land-based educational activities perfect for building skills that will last for life.

mountain biking


Geo-Dome is a team-building challenge aimed at the secondary school level. Participants use building principles and simple lightweight materials to construct a structure strong enough to support the weight of the entire group. Once completed, the group needs to test the final product.

Mountain biking

Tailored to the group, this activity teaches basic bike safety and riding skills. Once everyone is comfortable, the group will set off on a road trip around Smiths Beach or off-road to the Oswin Robert Koala Reserve to spot some wildlife.


Bullseye! Archery gives both novice and experienced archers the opportunity to use recurve bows to take aim at bulls‐eye targets. This activity helps participants develop their archery technique and exercise patience in a safe environment.

Shelter building

This fun activity requires participants to build a shelter out of sticks and natural resources.

Bush cooking

Participants gather around the campfire and learn all about cooking safely in the bush. On the menu? Delicious damper, tasty toasted marshmallows and beautifully brewed bush tea.

Kite making

Go fly a kite! This activity lets participants make their own kite and test it above the camp or beach. Kites can be taken home as a camp memento.

Initiative activities

We have many team-based challenges that can only be accomplished through teamwork. These activities also provide ‘teachable moments’ for instructors to talk about leadership, communication and teamwork.

Photo trail

Working in small groups, participants are given a photo of a location at camp and they are required to find it. A cryptic clue needs to be solved at each location in order to progress to the next photo.


This activity is similar to the Photo trail but it has an emphasis on identifying and finding the unique flora and fauna in the coastal bushland at camp.


Geo-caching is a real-world orienteering game with a difference! Participants use electronic GPS devices to navigate around the camp and find items in hidden ‘caches.’ Guaranteed fun!

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