Pop Quiz: Do you know who invented Father’s Day?

  • Date: 14 August 2015
  • Category: General
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Dads have forever played an important role in family life and what better way to celebrate them and all the hard work that they do than by dedicating a whole day to them. But, who's idea was this? Do you know?

Answer: The YMCA!

Father’s Day was founded and first celebrated back in 1910 by a YMCA in the USA.

At YMCA Victoria, we have remained dedicated to supporting and strengthening families – in all their wonderful forms.

Celebrating the important role of fathers. YMCA Victoria understands families come in all shapes and sizes. This is why we’ve developed programs and services to support and promote the important role that fathers and father figures play. This is all part of our commitment to building happy and healthy communities.

DadsLink is a hands-on program that recognises the needs, value and impact, plus challenges Dads face in their relationships with their kids. Over the past 8 years DadsLink has helped more than 400 fathers and children attend adventure camps, and over 3000 have participated in DadsLink events and gatherings. 

To find out more about the program visit the website.